About Us

Welcome to Alrize Global,where we envision a future where forensic medicine transcends outdated practices. With our revolutionary solution, All ForWIMS (Forensic Medicine Information System), and its groundbreaking component, All ForDigiopsy (3D Forensic Imaging & Analysis), we are reshaping the landscape of forensic medicine.

All ForWIMS seamlessly integrates crime scene investigation, forensic department reports, and more, establishing an unbroken chain of custody. But our innovation doesn't stop there. The All ForDigiopsy solution empowers doctors to digitally identify causes of death, offering a minimally distressing and infection risk-free alternative.

Who We Are

At Alrize Global, we are a collective force of brilliance and dedication, driven by a passion for advancing forensic medicine. Our journey began with a vision to transform the landscape of autopsy procedures, and today, we stand as a beacon of excellence.

What we do

We provide cutting-edge forensic medicine solutions that revolutionize post-mortem examinations.

Who we do it for

Our services are tailored for hospitals and forensic departments seeking to enhance medico-legal efficiency.

What they get from the service

By utilizing All ForWIMS and All ForDigiopsy, our clients establish an unbroken chain of custody, streamline processes, minimize distress and infection risks, and ultimately improve conviction rates.